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Construction And Real Estate

Real Estate Transactions And Litigation

A thoroughly experienced real estate law attorney is an invaluable ally and advocate for potential buyers, sellers, lenders and parties to leases. Esposito & Staubus, LLP in Illinois advises and represents individuals, businesses, investors and financial institutions in real estate transactions and litigation involving:

  • Land use and development permits, agreements and related issues
  • Purchase and sale agreements of properties for development
  • Contracts related to properties for renovation
  • Buy-sell agreements for already developed residential and commercial properties
  • Residential and commercial leases on behalf of landlords or tenants
  • Damage claims and lawsuits involving enforcement of performance and purchase agreements
  • Claims and lawsuits alleging real estate fraud such as undisclosed property defects and title defects

Facilitating Smooth Purchases, Sales, Leases And Dispute Resolution

Serving DuPage County, the Chicago metro area and surrounding areas, real estate litigation and transaction lawyers at Esposito & Staubus, LLP work with clients of all sizes. We handle a wide range of business and real estate matters. We represent clients preparing to buy, sell, build, lease or remodel single-family and multifamily dwellings as well as commercial, public use and industrial properties.

Financing, government regulation compliance and inspections can all factor into a successful real estate transaction. In some cases, timing of real estate closings and construction projects is critical. Our construction law attorneys are prepared to coordinate and negotiate as needed to further clients’ goals and interests. In all cases, we aim to help our clients contain costs, minimize risks, prevent disputes and quickly resolve any issues of controversy such as title defects, zoning challenges, licensing and regulatory difficulties or undesirable inspection outcomes.

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