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Construction And Real Estate

Chicago Law Firm For Counsel And Assistance With Construction, Real Estate And Mechanic’s Liens

General contractors, subcontractors, property owners and others involved in public and private construction projects in and around the Chicago metro area rely on legal counsel and representation from Esposito & Staubus, LLP. Legal issues surrounding real estate purchase, sales and leases frequently intersect with construction-related matters. Our Illinois law firm advises construction companies, business owners and parties to joint ventures on all aspects of construction and real estate concerns, in combination or separately.

Property Development Guidance — Project Trajectory Assistance

Clients often turn to our attorneys for advice and assistance from the beginning of a property development initiative. Our law firm is well-equipped to guide public entities, for-profit corporations and nonprofit organizations in:

  • Land acquisition
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Project documentation
  • Concealed site conditions such as poor ground quality or undetected environmental hazards
  • Bonds and insurance claims
  • Title insurance
  • Development of construction contracts, including American Institute of Architects (AIA)-conforming contract documents

Dispute Resolution In Construction And Real Estate Matters

We represent clients when contract changes, design modifications or project terminations become necessary. In all cases, we aim for avoidance of litigation through well-researched and well-documented contract drafting and negotiations. When disputes and delays arise, we are prepared to seek the least damaging resolutions. When necessary, we zealously represent clients including material suppliers, buyers, sellers and commercial landlords and tenants in litigation. Loss claims, lawsuits and mechanic’s lien claims may involve:

  • Nonpayment or nonperformance
  • Design failure, material failure or improper workmanship
  • Construction defects and delays
  • Enforcement of mechanic’s liens
  • Federal and state statutory rights

Trial lawyers at Esposito & Staubus, LLP are skilled in both real estate and construction litigation. As necessary, we retain and cross-examine expert witnesses, including architects, engineers, accountants and real estate professionals.

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