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Chicago Lawyers Advising On Health Care Business Practices And Related Legal Issues

Esposito & Staubus, LLP provides dedicated corporate and transaction services to members of the health care industry. We represent health care professionals, including new practicing physicians and health care businesses in various aspects of their practices.

Employment Law Compliance For Doctors’ Clinics, Hospitals And Other Medical Providers

We help medical professionals and businesses negotiate employment and management agreements. Our attorneys guide them in legal aspects of medical records, HIPAA privacy and security compliance and related issues. We help health care professionals steer clear of violations of anti-kickback and Stark law regulations.

General Corporate And Transaction Services With A Health Care Focus

Many aspects of our medical business practice are similar to any business practice: Namely, we help clients create and implement staffing contracts, vendor contracts and operating procedures. However, our services also take into account the unique aspects of medical businesses, such as insurance claims, billing and collections. Employment law issues include physician compensation and medical care providers’ negotiations with hospitals. We zealously represent our clients’ interests in these critical transactions.

Professional Practice Operations, Sales And Buy-In Agreements

Business law issues for doctors, clinics and medical professionals include clinic operating agreement contracts, clinic purchase and sale contracts and buy-in agreements. Esposito & Staubus, LLP in the Chicago metro area capably handles these and many related legal issues on behalf of professional practices and their owners.

Contact A Chicago Lawyer Regarding Health Care Practice Legal Issues

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