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Representation In Legal Matters Involving Insurance For Businesses, Financial Institutions And Property Owners

Business insurance claims by definition involve businesses as well as business financing agents. When a business’s viability has come under fire and an insurance claim is in the works, the business’s finance partners have a stake in the outcome. Financial institutions including national and state-chartered banks, savings and loans, credit unions and private lenders turn to Esposito & Staubus, LLP for advocacy and advice in insurance-related claims.

Our business clients and their respective financial backers rely on our years of experience handling a vast array of legal issues with insurance implications. From general litigation to negotiation of participation agreement disputes, our law firm is prepared to handle complex insurance-related claims. Cases involve issues such as:

  • Bankers’ blanket bonds claims
  • Credit union bond claims
  • Employment-related insurance issues
  • Lender liability claims
  • Commercial crime insurance claims
  • Employment theft insurance claims

Trusted Insurance Law Attorneys Deliver Value And Strong Representation

In all insurance-related legal matters, our attorneys focus intently on protecting clients’ interests. This may entail preparing arguments for or against claim coverage. It may mean obtaining loss estimates, disputing loss claims or evaluating potential subrogation complexities. Whatever action or remedy is needed, our clients can count on Esposito & Staubus, LLP to provide clear explanations. They know from experience how diligent we are about containing legal costs by avoiding unnecessary steps. Our attorney-client partnerships inspire trust in our abilities and confidence that we will deliver the right solutions.

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