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Esposito & Staubus, LLP provides employment law representation for Fortune 500 companies to small and closely held businesses, and medical professional practices. Because Esposito & Staubus, LLP also represents executives and professionals, the law firm is well-qualified to understand both sides of employment law issues such as employment discrimination claims. Our clients benefit from our broad perspective in addressing their employment needs.

Executive Compensation And Severance Packages — Noncompete Agreements

Esposito & Staubus, LLP assists clients regarding all forms of employment-related agreements such as executive employment contracts and severance and termination contracts. We advise businesses and professional employees on restrictive covenants, covenants not to compete and trade secret agreements. We draft, review and negotiate confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements, as well as nonsolicitation agreements.

Enforcement Of OSHA Regulations — Advocacy Of Employers Before Courts And Government Agencies

Esposito & Staubus, LLP represents clients in the enforcement and defense of agreements and other employment issues before courts and government agencies, including:

  • Federal trial and appellate courts, including out of state
  • Illinois trial and appellate courts
  • The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
  • The Illinois Department of Human Rights
  • The Illinois Department of Employment Security
  • The Illinois Department of Labor

Employer And Executive-Level Representation In Employment Litigation

Esposito & Staubus, LLP represents businesses and executive-level employees in employment-related claims and litigation. Cases involve issues such as workplace discrimination and harassment, workplace violence and unemployment claims. We advocate for clients in claims related to enforcement and defense of restrictive covenants. Our law firm advises employers on responses to employee embezzlement, theft and other crimes in the workplace.

Our lawyers help employers plan, draft and communicate policies and procedures such as hiring and firing of employees and monitoring of employee use of networks and computers. We help employers review and update employee handbooks and policies on privacy in the workplace.

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