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Not-For-Profits Counseling

Esposito & Staubus, LLP provides legal services to non-profit organizations recognized by the IRS as tax-exempt “501(c) (3) organizations”. The firm forms non-profit organizations and apply for exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service. We also secure exemption from state taxes.

Tax-Exempt Status Recognition

Our services include forming 501(c) (3) organizations and securing IRS recognition of tax-exempt status. After making sure the client understands the formation documents and approves of them, we prepare the Form 1023 which is the application to the IRS for recognition of tax-exempt status as a Code section 501(c)(3) organization.

IRS Processes — Governance Procedures — Vendor Agreements — Fund Raising

Esposito & Staubus, LLP responds to all IRS queries regarding the application and governing documents, which is part of the review process conducted by the IRS. We also provide advice regarding “best practices” for governance and drafting and reviewing agreements with vendors and service providers, including fund raisers and fund raising counsel.

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