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Business Disputes Involving Financial Institutions: Representing Banks And Borrowers

Esposito & Staubus, LLP represents a wide variety of financial institutions as well as borrowers in transactions and litigation. Cases involve deals between banks and borrowers and related legal issues. Clients seek counsel and assistance with challenges and controversies such as bond claims, insurance-related claims and lender liability claims. Our attorneys guide clients through allegations of RICO violations involving alleged money laundering, extortion and other state statutes related to banking law.

Chicago Banking Law Attorneys Providing Information, Advice And Advocacy

Whether a client is a financial institution or an individual or business engaged in deals with a bank, our law firm’s guiding focus is to safeguard that client’s best interests. We provide education and advice as a bank or borrower approaches a transaction such as signing for a business loan. We review and evaluate complex financial transaction contracts, preparing to alert our clients of potential pitfalls. We help draft and revise critical documents. We bring damage claims against financial institutions on behalf of borrowers and vice versa.

Litigators For Plaintiffs And Defendants In Financial Institution Disputes

As we are representing banks and borrowers, our clients may be plaintiffs or defendants. The path to resolution in case of conflict may lead to a state or federal court. Alternatives dispute resolution may offer a better way. Whether in a courtroom or in mediation or arbitration, we aim to make sure our clients know what to expect and how to make educated decisions to settle or persevere with the greatest promise of benefit to themselves.

Our Illinois Lawyers Welcome Your Inquiry Regarding A Banking Dispute

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