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Business Ownership, Formation And Governance

At Esposito & Staubus, LLP, we are proud to be known as “the go-to firm” for business counsel and representation in the Chicago metro area and beyond. We have earned this reputation because of our depth of knowledge and track record of successful outcomes.

When we enter into settlement negotiations representing a business client in DuPage County or elsewhere, we envision the response of a jury hearing our arguments in an imaginary courtroom. In the event that a transactional dispute does lead to business litigation at trial, we are fully ready to take our clients’ cause before a jury and judge.

Business Ownership

Esposito & Staubus, LLP advises clients in a full array of business and commercial law matters, including transactions and litigation pertaining to:

  • Publicly traded companies, privately held corporations and not-for-profit corporations
  • Subchapter S corporations and limited liability companies
  • General and limited partnerships and joint ventures

Business Operations And Governance

Illinois attorneys at Esposito & Staubus, LLP provide business representation, including:

  • Business formation, including entity selection
  • Buy-sell agreements, mergers and acquisitions
  • Shareholder and partner agreements
  • Annual board minutes and resolutions
  • Outside general counsel to businesses and executives
  • Stock and asset purchase agreements
  • Employment matters, including employee manuals, benefits compliance and executive contracts and terminations
  • Regulatory issues, including OSHA
  • Commercial property ownership, leasing and insurance
  • Contracts such as vendor contracts, including software vendor and cloud computing contracts

We advise entrepreneurs and business owners in many fields, including medical professionals who own clinics and practices, financial institution officers, and directors of not-for-profit enterprises. As both litigators and transactional lawyers, we know how to protect our clients’ interests when writing or formalizing a contract. In business law matters, we consistently take a dynamic approach, looking forward to all the “what ifs” that can result from the way a contract is written.

“When you ask Brad and Nick a question, they will look at the issue from all angles, make you go outside the box and consider ramifications of any potential answer.” — Client

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